New Class ‘Maegu’, Share Your Expectations! Event
# 1

New Class ‘Maegu’, Share Your Expectations! Event

Greetings, Adventurers!

This is CM Roccio! (Queek!)


The first-ever twin classes of Black Desert Mobile!

Born at the same time, one of the sisters, ‘Maegu’ will arrive in Black Desert Mobile!

Are you done pre-registering for Maegu class update?

If you have not, tap the link below, pre-register for update notification and check out the rewards you can obtain!


[Pre-register for Update Notification Here]


Updates about Maegu will be first announced at the 2022 Calpheon Ball.

Have you ever thought what class Maegu will be?

If you have, share them by commenting down below through the official forum


[Mysterious Acorn Lv 0 x20] will be sent to all participating Adventurers as a reward!


After the update on November 29(Tue) ~ December 5(Mon), 23:59 (Server Time)


Rewards will be sent retroactively after December 9(Fri)


We hope many Adventurers will participate in this event.


※ Notice

・Reward will be sent only once per account.

・Announcement regarding the rewards being sent will be made via Official website notices.

・Event period may change and will be announced via website notices.

・Please be reminded that the rewards sent will have an expiration date. Make sure to collect the rewards before they expire as they will be deleted after expiration.

・Any form of cheating in participating may lead to exclusion from the event and cancellation of the rewards including restrictions from accessing the game.

・The rights pertaining to the event is only granted to the Adventurer and cannot be transferred to a third-person user.

・The official account used in the forum will be collected and considered as the account used to participate. Rewards will be sent to the aforementioned logged-in account and to the most recent class used to access the game.

・All posts that are not registered on the forum will be excluded as event participants.

Thank you.
2022-11-29 00:02
Black Desert Mobile
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# 2
The new class will most likely have fox related features, abilities or who knows, even a fox companion... But what does the fox say? 🦊
Jokes aside, I'm definitely looking forward to her character design and skills!

2022-11-29 14:43
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# 3
from the art ive seen she seems to be a 9 tailed fox (Like Ahri from League) and flower themed class, possibly pure magic based or maybe mixed, im looking forwards to her gameplay and looks 🦊🌸
2022-11-29 18:18
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# 4
I think the new class just look like normal hooman, but she's a dancer specialist, her attack style maybe combined with dancing style and typically melee and mid-range attack 🤔🤔
2022-11-29 18:19
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# 5
I mean I'm so hyped about the new class but i wonder if there will be a free change class chest for this one? Yeah no one will use it but surely someone who's poor in black pearls like me will love it. Also im guessing it's a mid range class with super ultra weird skills. I know it. No reasons. Just trusting my guts LMAO
2022-11-29 18:21
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# 6
This new class will be a Melee and his/her skill will be range. I hope its skill animation is color full.
2022-11-29 18:22
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# 7

the new class might be a mid range or range that's my thoughts with huge damage and flying hand fans using dark power i guess 

2022-11-29 18:23
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# 8
The new class will be able to switch between the twin, maybe?
2022-11-29 18:23
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# 9

I think this twin is gonna be a dope class. Can't wait to see their skills. Hope one of them is a range type

2022-11-29 18:25
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# 10

I think this twin new class is spoiled with thier parents because of decent look.... ahahahha
I think this twin class hybrid class.

Server: ASIA
Family Name: Jиคгä

2022-11-29 18:26
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# 11

Seems like a possbile shapeshifter with a fox or maybe a fox animation similar to the Shai's bear with mid range capabilities!

2022-11-29 18:27
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# 12

to be honest it would be cool to see a crossover style between bdo and bdm by having some kind of summoning skill by the sisters(?) summoning each other

2022-11-29 18:28
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# 13
she appears to be a 9-tailed fox and flower themed class, possibly based on pure or perhaps mixed magic.
2022-11-29 18:31
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# 14

Roccio - I really hope that new class will be mage type as we have more than enoght melee as it is right now and really missing some good and versatile range

2022-11-29 18:32
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# 15
it looks like maegu will be a mid range class because if you look at it from the main weapon which is very unique and will also have a unique combat style
2022-11-29 18:33
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