[Black Desert Mobile - Story] I want to see you smile! - Chapter 1
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I want to see you smile!

Chapter 1: Unspoken Love




The red light in Jordine’s eyes has grown stronger and stronger while he’s yelling at me which a forbidden sword on the neck of Grace who is standing in front of the Dark Energy Pool.


“Jordine, please, stop this, you’ve gone in the wrong ...”




Jordine pushes the sword a bit harder to cause the wound on Grace’s neck, cut her necklace into two pieces. I just don’t know what to do, my most concern now is the safety of Grace, Jordine is infected, I throw my bow and dagger down on the ground and ask him:


“Tell me, what do you want right now?”


Jordine lowers the sword, he uses a wave of dark energy to immobilize Grace, walk straight to me and slowly ask:


“Take her away, I don’t want to hurt you two, I have to open the portal at dusk, Grace must be safe at Heidel then”


“That’s what I intended to do but Grace decided to spend her life to stop you from this. Don’t you know that Jordine? She loves you”


“STOP IT! Do not say anything about love to me. YOU! It’s you, you have to take the responsibility for all of this”







*A month ago*


“Vadrick, do you want to join us on the trip to the Inner Castle Ruins? Hunt said that he saw a group of strange adventures appear at the ruins, try searching for Pure Gem Stone”


“Pure Gem Stone?” I look at Grace with wide opened eyes, pull her down to the chair and start speaking like a professional Alchemist.


“Pure Gem Stone, Alustin once talked to me that he’ve heard about the stone for a long time ago but never seen one. He said that the stone can purify the evil power of Dark Energy, which is found in Black Crystals and being said that it can grant the owner the unbelievable strength from the ancient spirits. Alustin spent almost five years to search for the gem stone just to keep him safe from endless experiments with Black Crystal in his lab, Dark Energy may be a source of power, but once it controls the owner’s mind, the worst thing will happen to that poor one. He ...”


“Well well, you seem to have a lot of knowledge about these things Vadrick, that’s why we want you to join us on the journey, no matter the gem stone truly exists or not, we need to find them sooner than the others, I think they were sent by the Calpheon” - said Jordine


Being friends for years, we know why Jordine always worry about the Calpheon, he lost his parents in the Calpheon Invasion and decided to join the military at that time. Jordine’ve worked hard for many years to be knighted and the age of 27. He always resents Calpheon as the cause of his past misfortunes. 


“Calm down Jordine, you should leave you soul in peace and stop assuming every bad things is related to Calpheon. Here, take a cup of tea”




Jordine swiped his arm to me, broke the cup and cause all the hot tea poured on my hand 


 “YOU UNDERSTAND NOTHING! Just look at the black stones they produce every day. They are going to start another war” - Jordine yelled at me and walked out of my room.


At the door, he looked at Grace and say “Yeah, now you do have a chance to take care of him again Grace.”


Grace took a cup of cold water and ran to me.


“I can handle this, thanks Grace” - I took the cup from her hands gently 


“Jordine doesn’t want to hear any good words about Calpheon, you do know that.”


“Yes Grace, this is not the first time and not the last for sure, but I really want to lower the anger in his soul, with it, he cannot live peacefully”


“I hope he could understand this, anger, animus have grown in Jordine years and years, he cannot even realize small things around” - Grace sadly said and held tight the necklace.


“When would you intend to tell him the truth Grace?” 


“I don’t know, I feel that the time has not come yet. Thanks for this Vadrick, thanks for all the good things”


“Haha, stop it, you always want to have this kind of necklace to keep the picture of you and Jordine in a same place, don’t you? I bought it from a merchant in the street market. You haven’t come there for a while, have you?”


“Yes, since I have handed over the stewardship to Bobby, I spent most of the time at the inn”


I saw the smile on Grace’s cute face. Not actually her happiest smile but it’s enough to make both of us feel better.


“Have you ever wonder why Jordine advised you to leave the Street Market to manage the inn? Being the head of Heidel Merchant Guild used to be your biggest dream, right?”


Grace took my hand, looked me right in the eyes


“Vadrick, can you promise me one thing?”


“Not only one, it can be everything you want”


Grace came closer to me, looked around the room to ensure that all the doors, windows were carefully closed. She whispers:


“I think Jordine is hiding something. Bobby told me that Jordine asked him to borrow a large amount of silver from Xian Merchant Guild in Calpheon. Being told that the silver will be used to bolster the commerce in the city of Heidel, Bobby agreed without any doubt.”


“But ...” - I surprisingly yelled out and stand up. Grace held my hand, pulled me back to the seat and kept talking


“Yes, I know that, none of the silver is spent on city’s development. No one knows where Jordine spends it on. I just don’t know how to question him about it.”


“Then we need to figure this out. It’s late, you need to have a good sleep right now, we have a lot of things to do ahead”.


Grace gently nod her head, I walked her back to the inn near Heidel. We talked a lot about the memories, childhood, Grace smiled a lot but I know she did that just to make me feel better for her. Suddenly, I hear something was moving is the forest, Grace stood still behind me. I quickly drew out the dagger and realize that thing was a black cat.  


“Haha, Vadrick, the truth is you are the one who need peace in the soul” - Grace laugh at me so hard and took the dagger from my hand. 


“Sharp and shiny. This thing has been well-taken care for those many years, hasn’t it?”


“Fourteen years and twenty one days” 


“Vadrick, I … I … ”


“You don’t need to say anything Grace. Be happy, that’s what I want to see”


“Thank you” - Grace’s face turn red, she left me behind and slowly walk forward, I didn’t know what to say so I kept walking after her until she arrived at the inn.


2 days after that, when everything was well-prepared, we began the journey to Inner Castle Ruins as planned. Bobby came to say goodbye to us at the front door of Heidel. We all saw the worried look on Bobby’s face but he said that he got a bad flu the night before when asked by his cousin - Grace. He hugged Grace and gave us some fresh fruit from the street market. 


(to be continued...)

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