New Class ‘Woosa’, Share Your Expectations! Event
# 1

New Class ‘Woosa’, Share Your Expectations! Event


Greetings, Adventurers!

This is CM Roccio! (Queek!)


Black Desert Mobile’s first-ever twin class

With elegant, fluttering butterfly wings, this Do wielder of the Woodo School brings forth the storms!

At last, Adventurers will be able to meet the younger twin, Woosa this January in Black Desert Mobile!


As we all know, Maegu uses her do Magic and fox spirits to mesmerize her enemies.

But what could her sister, Woosa show us this time in Black Desert Mobile?

📜 Event Details 

- Let us know your expectations of Woosa’s charm and how it will be different from Maegu. 

- Leave your comments under the original post, [New Class ‘Woosa’, Share Your Expectations! Event] through 


📅 Event Duration 

- Until January 15(Sun) 23:59  


🎁 Event Reward 

- All Adventurers who will participate in the event will receive the reward below: 

Korean Traditional Decoration Set 
Haetae Statue 
Bulletin Board of the East 
Traditional Street Lamp 
Camp Divine Guard: Underground Female Guard 
Camp Divine Guard: Underground Female General 
New Year Decoration Lantern 

ㆍ The event rewards will be sent in a sequential manner a week after the event ends 



※ Notice 

・Reward will be sent only once per account. 

・Announcement regarding the rewards being sent will be made via Official website notices. 

・Event period may change and will be announced via website notices. 

・Please be reminded that the rewards sent will have an expiration date. Make sure to collect the rewards before they expire as they will be deleted after expiration. 

・Any form of cheating in participating may lead to exclusion from the event and cancellation of the rewards including restrictions from accessing the game. 

・The rights pertaining to the event are only granted to the Adventurer and cannot be transferred to a third-person user. 

・The official account used in the forum will be collected and considered as the account used to participate. Rewards will be sent to the aforementioned logged-in account and to the most recent class used to access the game. 

・All posts that are not registered on the forum will be excluded as event participants. 


Thank you. 

2023-01-04 10:43
Black Desert Mobile
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# 2
I'm expecting Woosa to be chaotic as she summons storms and lightening, hope she's little bit faster than her sister (of course she's younger n need to be agile)
Rest after experiencing meagu, my expectations for woosa are sky high (aesthetically n play style wise)
Keeping her foes at distance n she can traverse maps easily
2023-01-04 14:03
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# 3
IGN: LexíLorè
Server: ASIA

Im looking forward for the Woosa Class is the ability of her skills that is mobile player wants it a skills like AOE melee is so far so good the combo ability amaze me on woosa and also maegu they given a spice of the game like imposible class that release on mobile and PC that is why thank you CM’s and GM’s and also developers for keeping high of this games sooner many people will recognize your craft and gonna play in mobile.
2023-01-04 16:34
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# 4

For reward purposes:
Server: America

Family name: LUCASandCATS


New Class ‘Woosa’, Share Your Expectations! Event


• What I'm most excited is to see the skill animations. Maegu had some pretty skills animations, hope that the sister gets it too, 'cause I want to see both of them in my family crew fighting everything at the stars. =)

2023-01-04 17:01
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# 5

Tôi rất mong được xem các kỹ năng của Lớp Woosa. Tôi vẫn là một người chơi mới nên tôi đang tìm hiểu về mọi thứ trong trò chơi. Hy vọng khả năng của cô ấy không khó kiểm soát.

2023-01-04 19:35
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# 6
Family name: Astralum
Server: Dandelion - Asia

I find Woosa intriguing. Though I like Maegu, Woosa is actually more my style in terms of demeanor and temperament base on the preview. As for play style, I expect a close to mid-range combat capabilities with dark and wind attribute perhaps. Maybe a combination of phantasma and konoichi? The fan weapon and those butterfly effect is actually lit! I love her aesthetics. I'm looking forward to this class and might consider switching my Phantasma to Woosa as my main.
2023-01-04 19:41
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# 7
Family name : Нaechi
Server : Asia

if maegu's power uses fox spirit then woosa uses wind storm and i saw butterfly in there hmmm,,
very good for guild war with AOE skills woosa, i'm so exited ,,
but i hope woosa more fast casting skill than maegu ,
2023-01-04 20:11
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# 8

Woosa is the twin that mastered self-control and discipline contrary to meagu , so I expect that her gestual animations style will be calm, controlled and elegant.

Master of wind, rain and lighting, I hope for a lot of aoe attacks and a good efficiency in farming, with a good mobility.

The butterflies making the charm of the class, i hope they'll be centered in her skill animation.

Can't wait for our butterfly queen, my futur main class.



2023-01-04 21:13
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# 9

using storm, lightning, and wind power...butterfly....bad as* gurl. mystical figure! I'm expecting really good fan outfits :D

I read the Jeonwoochi stories recently again. good attempt to mix gaming and Korean traditional mythos before Joseon time- not only added but also I was really surprised how accurate and well researched- and mixed well into characters.

Usually Korean game companies use Joseon dynasty references for story and clothing but I think it's really good that PA took consideration into this old Korean lore...kudos to the game designers team and also to the art team. I'm excited to see how it's gonna be(story-wise) and also what kinda references will be added for Woosa and Maegu outfits.

2023-01-04 22:20
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# 10

Being the twin sister of Maegu, I expect Woosa to be as good as her if not better but the magic will be different. Seeing that her costume is darker, maybe the visual effects will be of darker colours and less colourful than Maegu but should be impressive all the same.

2023-01-05 00:21
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# 11

My expectations for Woosa is that she's a close combat class, other than maegu(her sis)is a range type class..hope that woosa has a fast kill for pve cause of her close combat skills,.she has high damge but squishy class.

2023-01-05 02:11
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# 12
Asia | Tanatra
Woosa will be like 'woosh wooshhh' using her magical fan and butterflies. I expect her to be in par with her twin, Maegu, with astonishing magic and ranged and wide fan attack.
2023-01-05 02:59
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# 13
Надеюсь Вуса будет ещё лучше чем ее старший близнец. Очень красивый персонаж.Определенно буду играть на нем
2023-01-05 03:23
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# 14
🌸 Family name: Lorievel
🌸 Server: Velia - Europe

I don't expect. The only one I expected for 1 year now is our dear Wizard.
There is too many female classes, so I'm not expecting anything anymore.

For Woosa I just HOPE she is having more clothes options so she is not only half naked all the time 🤷🏼‍♀️

Sorry, not sorry if the comment is not that positive. I'm just here for the event.
2023-01-05 04:43
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# 15

I hope the character Woosa will use dark magic, AOE skill, and have a charming beauty

2023-01-05 05:45
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