My Other World
# 1

I have played so many games since I was a teen. But I have never played a game makes me all excited. I come across to this game in Playstore. It has nice review and good rating so I told myself why not give it a try. My place was under quarantine due to the pandemic and Black Desert Mobile changed a normal boring day. I soooo love the graphics, gameplay and specially the streaming every maintenance. Tim and Joel were such great duo. The best thing about this is I play this with my friends. I came up to a guild where I find nice people. We even celebrated 1 year anniversary, though I started last March 30 and I'll be on my 9th month this December 30.

I have never been so happy playing an rpg game. There are some who decided to quit the game but I tend to give them some motivational talk. You see, rng is rng. I always tell my friends that everytime you roll or draw something always "Hope for the best and expect for the worst". That quote I live by carried on my gaming on BDM. So I still have good friends intact. Also, I get to know other people from another guild. Dandelion server was incomparable. There are wars (which can't be helped) but everyone's all good. 🥰

I am very active on this game that I joined your contest like the screenshot for Halloween and got lucky I won. I can't contain my happiness. I had so many pictures I took in every map. There are times i just stayed on one place to appreciate the view. Hands up to the devs of this game.

My current goal:
*Reach Count
*T8 horse (14x failed) but a Filipino Spirit neber dies, so I keep catching almost everyday
*Explore the Great Desert and the temple
*Pink set
(The list will keep on adding coming soon...)

I enjoyed all your costume by the way since I collected them. I also met some of the players in real life. Isn't it awesome, I am knowing another set of cool people. Thank you BDM for giving me an opportunity to have fun while I play games. Cheers to more years. Happy 1 year BDM and continue to surprise us always.

Lots of love from Rose.
2020-12-29 13:21
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