Always drunk
# 1
Region: Europe
Server: Velia
Family name: LeMort

I would like to share my memories about the game with you all, but I can't, because I'm always very drunk. But since I want the rewards very much, I will do my best and write something. The story goes like this:
Once upon a time in Black Desert Mobile there was a small and inexperienced Archmage who had a dream to be like the big pros. One day she decides to go to the Ramoness Arena. She gets teamed up with two good players vs three very strong players. In the arena she first tries to take down the Balista, but she gets destroyed. Then she tries to take down Lagos, but she gets destroyed. After that she tries to kill the other players, but she gets annihilated. It's very regretful that there is no video material for you all to laugh at, but the end result was 5 points for our hero's team vs 2098 points for the opposing team 😀. After that our little Mage decided to switch to a Ranger. End of story. I apologize to everyone that gets teamed up with me in the arena and loses, but I'm always drunk so I don't know what I'm doing (but in spite of all that I'm looking for one more teammate to go to the Ramoness Championship).
P.S. Dear GM Joel, please bro I would really appreciate it if all Fogans are removed from the game and are replaced by something else (preferably something cute), because I have a fobia of frogs and everything that resembles them scares me. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please give me rewards. 😀
2020-12-29 09:19
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