The Only Game I Lasted
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Family Name : iRainmaker
Region : Asia
Server : Dandelion

Greetings Black Desert Mobile!

Happy First Anniversary to the game I lasted for a year and still playing!

There are so many RPG games in the world both in PC and mobile. Ragnarok, Cabal, Ran Online etc.. There are also games that were introduced in Mobile or based in PC such as Darkness Rises, Dragon nest, Ragnarok, MU, Genshin Impact, etc. But you know what? Black Desert Mobile is the only game I lasted for more than 3 to 4 months, and I am so still inlove with the game even we're on a year now.

When I played this game, it was December 13, 2019. Back then, I have no idea of what Black Desert Mobile is. I even do not have idea that it came from PC. It was just introduced to me by my workmates and said that it is a new upcoming game. We decided that we will play the game and will create a guild.

I was also looking for an RPG game at that time that I can last (even if I'm saying this to all of the games I played).

For the first few weeks, we created characters and played the game. I was not that fully invested back then because I am also addicted to Mobile Legends. But then after a few days, I'm starting to love the game and the feature of the game that I really felt inlove with? Black Spirit Mode! Where do you get a game that has that feature! It's the best specially for someone like me that has an office Job.

They created a guild and we joined. Unfortunately, just after a few weeks, my workmates stopped playing and I was the only one left in the guild, we didn't even had the chance to recruit members. But because I'm inlove with the game, I pushed through on playing alone even if I'm the only one in the guild. Why I didn't bother to join another guild? Basically because I'm not that used on playing with people I don't know.

From January, I played alone. I haven't tried guild events because I don't even knew them. I was just levelling up. I always watch Velia Inn for updates and even if I'm alone? I'm still excited for all the events that were coming and still enjoyed the game. I saved money too and bought a phone just to play BDM with a higher graphics. I was just enjoying. But finally, I decided that maybe, I should join another guild.

From January to July 2020, I played alone. The last thing I knew, I am already level 70 without a proper guild. I left the guild and joined another guild (PANDEMICS) to be specific. And from there, I loved the game more! The features and the fun that a guild can give is a lot from Events, chat. It's like a new family to me. I have now someone who I can share my Achievements and stuff. They didn't even believe that I played alone until level 70! They were surprised.

Now that I'm level 81 and still with the first guild I joined. I am looking for more years playing this game. This is the best game ever! Happy First Anniversary to me playing bdm and Happy First Anniversary to Black Desert Mobile!!! More power!! Thank you!!
2020-12-10 06:33
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