The World Record
# 1
Hello everybody. How are you?
Hope you're all doing great.
As the people in the Live Stream were complimenting about the Mini Game, I decided to play the Mini Game to see how much score I can get. Guys I played it for one and a half hours [1:30] and I was like, I couldn't feel my fingers anymore hehe. And I thought with myself it was fun and nice to share it with you guys.
I think it's the highest score EVER in the Mini Game and actually the World Record. [My final score was: 61280m]

- Is it the World Record?
- Does anybody else score more than that?

So this was my memory in Black Desert Mobile and thanks for making this amazing game and happy 1-Year Anniversary to all of you.

Region: Asia
Server: Hexe
Family Name: Mersad10
2020-12-10 04:47
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