My [Black Desert Mobile - Sorceress] Rozaria
# 1
"I am Death, The Reaper of Souls. By your hands, expose their hearts. By my edge, cleave it beating from its nest." - Death to Rozaria

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am excited to introduce the youngest member of House Valkyrius of Hexe.
Please welcome the beautiful Sorceress Rozaria Valkyrius, first of her name, the keeper of Death's Scythe.

While her older sister Ellisif takes the souls of honorable warriors to Paradise, Rozaria drags the vile and wicked to Hell.
As for now she can only muster a quarter of Death's dark magic, but it is more than enough to strike fear in the eyes of those who stands in her way.
The greater power of Death is still sleeping within, but be warned, its awakening is nigh.

Don't get smitten by those eyes because the moment you realize, the blade of the reaper is upon your throat.

"There's darkness in my heart and it's stronger than anything I've fought by far, but as long as I believe, then I know there's no chance that I'll ever taste defeat." - Rozaria Valkyrius
2020-01-29 15:14