Share your Hashashin Customization here!
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Hi, everyone!


My name is Minawo. I'm from EU region, server Delphe. How are you? Are you excited for the Hashashin too?

Well, I'm quite curious about the class and I'm really wondering if it would be an interesting sub-character. :)


Anyway, here's my entry for the customization event. Actually, I'm really fond of using BDM's character customization. It is so in-depth and is extra freedom to work with the face structures. Unlike the whole other mmos I've played BDM tops the list when it comes to character customization. At times, I would spend hours just playing with the character creation page while my character is farming.


Do you enjoy it as much as I do? You can share yours down here.

Good luck to all of us and happy gaming~


The Joker. (Mostly because I had so much fun playing with the angles haha!)

Here's the Joker. Well, I hope he looks like it. I had lots of fun while trying to copy him from google. ^_~ <3


joker's clothes

I dressed him like this. Because he is supposed to be some kind of villain. The other costumes looked like a hero to me. I think the way the blades look more visible in this one and the rugged look fits joker cosplay the most.


On a side, I was also a bit drawn into Gaara of the Sand. You see, the moment #Joel997 said the Hashashin controls the sand, he was first to come to mind. ^w^


gaara look

Sadly, I couldn't find a good forehead mark. What a pity!


gaara in brown

I wanted a good costume for him but Gaara wouldn't show his abs and the hash seems to enjoy flaunting his. ^_^'


Lastly, I wanted to copy Cloud. Well, I failed miserably hahaha. He kinda looks cute tho (ehem, to a girl's eyes I guess?).


These eyes remind me of a Persian cat's eyes. (Maybe I should've named him Kitten?)


So there, I hope you guys enjoyed the event as much as I did. I wanted to make more (Like maybe create one which looked like our game masters Joel and Tim?) but I ran out of time. Maybe next time then? See you around! ^_~ <3




Family Name: Steish

Server: Delphe

Region: EU


2020-08-31 14:36