BDMWC - Ramoness: America Region - Round of 64 Results (Day 3)
# 1

Greetings, Adventurers!

We have completed today's matches for Black Desert Mobile World Championship - Ramoness.

Congratulations to all of our participants who have advanced to the next round!




DracFear Rigo88 EmVo999 2 1 DonGatoS Rikarudo kingsan
Paladin Gladiator Huntress Huntress Archmage Archmage
iJoker PhuckIt McCoolR 2 0 Kîm Oniisamma Fios
Titan Paladin Archmage Gladiator Titan Paladin
Atsuryoku khymqt10 Andronis 2 0 Fluffie ChuckN0rris DrPepper
Archmage Huntress Huntress Archmage Archmage Raven
Neve SnowAngel Slphon 2 0 Hoshii RG | Gavitron SwordX
Titan Archmage Raven Huntress Archmage Paladin
Eddards GiovanniPs7 Ikem 2 0 Bachi Aliturae Dwake
Raven Huntress Gladiator Raven Archmage Titan
Tazzz Ninin Hebby 2 0 Zeldrus Az0g KaOzJgs
Titan Huntress Gladiator Gladiator Titan Archmage
DokSa Sia UnknownForce 2 1 Chilli McYardigan Mephisto
Huntress Archmage Raven Huntress Titan Gladiator
september6 mortys BapeHoodie WIN DQ Pooper 1N10 Satagoony

As more matches commence, we will continue to provide daily updates on our Forum


Thank you for your interest in Black Desert Mobile World Championship - Ramoness.

We wish all of our remaining participants the best of luck!


Thank you.

2020-02-26 00:47
Black Desert Mobile