[April Bloom Community Event] Your Favorite In-Game Events!
# 1


Greeting Adventurers, 


Did you find a past BDM event to be extra enjoyable or were you particularly satisfied with its rewards? Cast your vote for your favorite in-game events, and you might just see them return for another round! 
This is your chance! Make your voice heard by voting for the in-game event you want to see return or experience for the first time! Your votes will directly influence the future of in-game events, so make them count! 

< How to Participate >

1) Select your favorite in-game event from the list below.

2) write it in the comment section along with the reason why you chose that event.

3) Don't forget to add your Family Name and Server.

[EVENT 1] Kayal Nesser's Treasure

- You can purchase one Kayal Nesser's Treasure for 200 million Silver during the event period.

- You can purchase up to [Kayal Nesser's Treasure]  x25 per day.

[EVENT 2] Collect Gloomfell Energy


- Complete the missions to obtain rewards. Missions can be completed only once.

- Obtain [Gloomfell Energy] by defeating enemies in Elion, Hadum, Chaos, Great Desert, Great Ocean, Everfrost, Black Sun, Hidden Banquet Hall, and Hidden Outer Castle.

[EVENT 3] Collect Tranan Underfoe's Tokens!

- Obtain Tranan Underfoe's Tokens by defeating monsters in the following event zones.

ㄴ Event zones: Elion, Hadum, Chaos, Great Desert, Great Ocean, Everfrost, Black Sun, Hidden Banquet Hall, Hidden Outer Castle

- You can exchange Tranan Underfoe's Tokens with rewards of your choice.

[EVENT 4] Snowman Doll Challenge Event


- Complete the missions to obtain rewards.

- You can either choose to obtain the guaranteed item listed in the item description or choose to receive the next level Snowman Doll for a chance to obtain more rewards.
Event Notice Link

[EVENT 5] Snowstorm Exposure Training!


- Complete the missions to obtain rewards.

- Event 1 (Daily Missions) reset every day  between 00:00 - 01:00.

- Event 2 (General Missions) can be completed only once.

[EVENT 6] Black Spirit's Crafting Support


- Complete the missions and receive rewards.

- Each mission can be completed only once.

Event Notice Link

[EVENT 7] DAEBAK! Black Spirit's Adventure



1) Tap the gift box icon on the right side of the minimap to open the event list and check the "DAEBAK! Black Spirit's Adventure" tab.

2) Roll dice in the "DAEBAK! Black Spirit's Adventure" screen.

- Get more dice from the "DAEBAK! Daily Dice Missions" event.

- You will be rewarded with [Neruda Shen Ancient Secret Chest] x1 every time you complete a lap.

- You can receive special rewards when you complete 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 laps.

Event Notice Link

[EVENT 8] LOTML Scenery 3x3 Picture Puzzle



- You can obtain up to one [Picture Puzzle Key] after being logged in for 30 minutes.

- Obtain [Kayal Nesser's Treasure] x10 for each completed picture puzzle, and get Dimensional Crystal/Ah'krad Crystal Selection Chest] x2 for completing 3 picture puzzles.

Event Notice Link


Thank you. 

2024-03-27 16:34
Black Desert Mobile
Comment 0
# 2
Family Name: Kдmëhдmëhд
Server: America

My vote is for [Event 2] Gloomfell Energy because I need more Tangled Time for Ancient Ruins. Thanks PA 😊🤗
2024-03-29 03:19
Comment 0
# 3

[EVENT 1] Kayal Nesser's Treasure

A lot of resources can be obtained through this event.

Europe / RaiGraff

2024-04-02 06:59
Comment 0
# 4
I choose [EVENT 2] Collect Gloomfell Energy, because im lack of tangled time and still far from chaos lightstone 😊

ASIA / 애기вaвyshark
2024-04-02 07:04
Comment 0
# 5
[EVENT 1] Kayal Nesser's Treasure
A lot of resources can be obtained through this event.
Asia / Orel
2024-04-02 08:09
Comment 0
# 6
[EVENT 8] LOTML Scenery 3x3 Picture Puzzle

One of the few activities where the players are not killer "ecological disasters".




It's a shame that the BDM game is much closer to ferocious Neanderthals than wise Homo Sapiens.

Neanderthal Among Cro-Magnons. It feels like I'm surrounded | by Polojko |  Medium


2024-04-02 09:40
Comment 0
# 7

Reason : I LOVE JEWELS <3 because i lack for get chaos jewels and akhrad :(

Family Name : Mothercall
Region Server : Asia-Dandelion
2024-04-02 11:30
Comment 0
# 8
#2 Gloomfell Energy
The additional tangled time would be immensely helpful.

America, BrujaMalvada
2024-04-02 12:11
Comment 0
# 9
[EVENT 2] Collect Gloomfell Energy - Extra tangled time is always a plus, the chaos lightstone won't craft itself 


Family name: Faenhal

Region: Europe / Balenos

2024-04-02 12:41
Comment 0
# 10

[EVENT 1] Kayal Nesser's Treasure
- Becouse i want Chaos Jewel & Arkhad.

Region: Asia
Family Name: Evе

2024-04-02 17:57
Comment 0
# 11
choose [EVENT 1] Kayal Nesser's Treasure - best resource item forever from event! (but you can discount that price pls, THANK! lol)


Family Name: JunKwang
Sever Region: Asia


2024-04-02 18:27
Comment 0
# 12

[EVENT 1] Kayal Nesser's Treasure

A lot resources from this event




2024-04-02 19:00
Comment 0
# 13

[EVENT 2] Collect Gloomfell Energy, I choose you! [here starts the Pokemon music] Have too many ancient ruins tabs...plus it's a chance of getting items for Lightstones :o


Europe / Shikari

2024-04-02 22:29
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# 14
Family: TexaChicK
SỰ KIỆN 1] Kho báu của Kayal Nesser
Rất nhiều tài nguyên có thể thu được thông qua sự kiện này.
2024-04-03 02:30
Comment 0
# 15

[EVENT 3] Collect Tranan Underfoe's Tokens!\

because i need resto for my gear and alchemy stone
Server : ASIA 

Family : MnA

2024-04-03 04:39
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