BDMWC – Ramoness S2: Europe Round of 16 Match Schedule
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Greetings, Adventurers! 
Here is Europe's Round of 16 match schedule for Black Desert Mobile World Championship: Ramoness - Season 2! 
If you are a participant, please make sure that you are online both in-game and on Discord by the time indicated for your specific Group. All other information are available in the [Please Note] section.


5/28, 16:00 (GMT+1)
Remastered vs BalaBibS
Акулка  CAXАР  Gоrillazz  Балабиба  NOVADRAYZ  Dragdance 
BOGLE vs PalkaKopalka
Temps ChamRai Karabashy Bonnuz  CrazySeregas  SCANDAL 
ChaosLegion vs Svinorezka
RagePrime THX0815  Joramun  TheWorld  Bl00deR  Ramzez13 
UDed vs F2PLAY
KaПpu3a  SAVАGE  JustFoki  Abun y6uBaIIIkà сайй
5/28, 17:00 (GMT+1)
Shaolin vs BXW
wo0t VersatileDog Yipee Valize  Marchief  Fancybrits 
DreamTeam vs Desert Champions
сaramel  Pollux  Rоsgаrd  Skywаlkеr  v83  PacifistaQQ 
UNSKILL vs ThugLife
BassBoost windsty1e Deliverer OpxExtasy  LaQuiica  Otzutsuki 


■ Please Note 

  • All indicated times follow the time zone of Black Desert Mobile’s [Europe] region. 
  • All participants must be online in-game and on Discord by the designated time for each Group.  
  • After the Discord invitation has been sent to the next teams that are playinga five-minute timer will begin, by which all participants must join the lobby and press [Ready]. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. 
  • The indicated times are subject to change. If a delay is to occur, participants will be notified as appropriate.


Thank you. 

2020-05-21 09:51
Black Desert Mobile
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