[Event - Fan Art] Sorceress Dahlia Nocturna
# 1
I tried my best, sorry there’s no background I’ve been drawing for several hours and it’s nearly 4am at my place. I need to sleep as my little one will probably wake me up around 7am. Haha.
All done with coloured pencils, graphite pencil and white posca marker.
Family name: Illidanova
Server: Balenos
Region: Europe
I know this outfit isn’t from mobile game, and there’s no awakening yet too. But I love this outfit and this is how I imagine my sorceress will look after these will be released to the game.
For some reason the photos are turned horizontally instead vertically, I can’t change it :(
2020-02-24 08:31
# 2
This is really good, you should have won!
Next time for sure ;p
2020-03-15 02:14