[Event – Awakening Fan Art] My Awakened Dark Knight, Phantasma. Vediant of Thorns.
# 1

Fan art: Phantasma.


+ Hunago + ASIA + Hexe +


Awakening Dark Knight, Phantasma Outfit.
Armor Outfit: Based on Helled.
Main Weapon: Vediant of Thorns.
Offhand: Stellan Magical Dagger.
Alternate Weapon: Kibelius Kriegsmesser.


less blurry version: https://imgur.com/OeIeXWC

2020-07-24 23:31
# 2

27th July Update:  Spend some time over the weekend to finish up details, I was in a rush to submit before the deadline, skipped some ideas that felt promising. For judge purpose please feel free to ignore this version. Just feel like I should complete the work, and hopefully it can speak out to someone. Thanks!


Larger image link:  i.imgur.com/TKmW2cl.jpg

2020-07-27 04:32