DÂWNBREÂK (new guild leader) [Velia Server]
# 1

Hello Fellow black desert players,
We are a existing level 5 guild for a couple of weeks, I reposted this because the old guild leader appointed me as the new guild leader and he left the guild.
The guild is looking for some new players, We are a fun guild that is based on PVP and PVE.

There will be some rules.


The following rules are:
- English speaking members

- Be Active (5 days inactive results in a kick)
- Daily Logins
- Daily Guild quests
- Minimal 2k CP
- Join our own discord server.


I dont know if we can send each other PM's on this forum.
Otherwise i'll give the information trough here !


Come and join this guild !




2020-02-25 14:02