HopeLight 😇 (Level 5 Guild) is recruiting! 😁Bonus +3 AP for all members!😁
# 1

Christian Guild "HopeLight" (Asia Dandelion server) is recruiting! Level 5 Guild.

Join us and you will have a bonus of +3 added to your AP.

We have spent 40 million coins to buy this bonus for all our members.

Our Guild name "HopeLight" is based on Bible verse Ephesians1:18

"May your hearts be filled with LIGHT so that you will know the HOPE God has given you" ~Ephesians1:18

We fellowship and have fun!


Any CP Level can apply!


Have a wonderful day!


🤗 *group hug* 🤗



2020-02-22 01:41
# 2

We also post inspirational Bible verses daily in guild chat.

Here are some examples:

⛪️ Our favourite Bible verse is "Whoever does not Love does not know God because God is Love" ~1John4:8 💒

We have members from all over the world, including atheists and other cultures too!

Join us! Search "HopeLight" in the guild search.


🌟Here is our guild's Youtube video🌟:



😋😁 Interesting fun stuff 😁😋:

The Velia Beach at Balenos is so relaxing and soothing to fish in! LoL 🐠 🐟 🐬

Here is a Black Desert Mobile "💫 ⭐️ A Starry Night in Velia🌟 ✨" Love Story I made:

🏖 The Velia Beach Love Story 🏝 video:



🌤Velia Beach Heaven☀️:



The adorable Pet Beagle🐶 (both in the same colours and same cute smelling pose position) LoL 😂 🤣

Video I made (Why I love💕 the Beagle🐶 in Black Desert Mobile?):


2020-02-22 01:42