[PAWFU] [Asia/Hexe] [Casual] Recruiting English speaking players!
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PAWFU [Lvl 3] Guild in HEXE server is recruiting English speaking casual players!

✧ Our focus is to build a friendly and helpful guild that we think its Cozy
✧ We recruit all kind of creatures. Although the chatty and active one is what we prefer.
✧ We are Casual guild so don't expect strict rules about activity beside daily quests and check ins.(We might also plan to do Guild events if we have enough members upvote it.) it's merely to enjoy the game in a social and chill environment without any stress.
✧ Those who are experienced and willing to help is our savior. 
Your CP doesnt matter as this can be raised with some guidance (i hope).

If you are interested and feel this guild suits you, you are more than welcome to join us, not interested on joining the guild?
you are still welcome to join discord our server!

Join our discord server! Click heree

Recruitment Poster

2020-02-21 21:43