[Mooncatcher] Guild - Peaceful/Laidback/UrOwnPace/AFK [[Limited space Available]]
# 1

Greetings Adventurers,


     Mooncatcher Guild     


Is recruiting new members to join, rather you are New, Veteran or Returning.


Space Available:: Limited - Only a few will be choosen to join and its not first come first serve


A little about us..... to see if this fits you!

::Going For::

- Peaceful and Laidback, tropical vibes

- AFK Mode always welcome

- PVE Centric

- No Gear Score

- Drama Llama Free Zone (Check your atitude in at the Log-In Screen and unwind)

- No Node War and Seige War's (NW/SW or N/SW)


::At Your Own Choice::

**Side Note:: If you choose to do the following, its on you and not the guild.

***P.S. Don't go overboard, you will be cut loose

- PVP is your choice, not a requirement

- All PVP Arena's and Battlefields and Outlaw Mode are free rain


::Additional Notes::

** This is extra information about the guild

- The guild will be kept at only 9 members with the Guild Owner (GO) being counted as one

- Guild Missions (GM's):: Only one has to be done first, 5,000 Monster Kill; Then you are free to do other GM categories as long as they grant 60 guild points

- Guild Bosses (GB'S):: When we are able to get to them, may not be weekly, depends mostly on attendance at one time

- Discord:: Yes with a Special Role for Mobile! Black Desert Mobile is allocated a section in my discord server that is shared with the Guild that I own and run on Black Desert Console (the guild's name is not the same on Console and you will not be able to find it by basic search, you be given a link as a courtesty once you join) 

- If you go inactive for 90+ days, the games mechanic will auto-kick you from the guild, this is not any of the Ranked Guild Officers doing but the games per PA choice to help guilds keep open space, if you are kicked after 90+ of inactivity by the system, you are required to reach out rather through Discord or via whisper in game and confirm if there is space available to be accepted back in.


Other than that, please respond below and I'll reply when I can.

2023-05-14 20:22