Revolt Armada Guild Recruiting (EU server)
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F2P players were encourage to join!
Revolt Armada Guild (EU: Balenos) were recruiting for members who possess the following
- Actively Playing the game
- Self Motivated, gives goals to his/her character and inspires his/her fellow guildsmate/adventurers
- level 60 or above
- CP 15K or above
- A good human being with his fellow Guildmates and other Adventurers, F2P or whales alike.
- Curious and interested about the Black Desert Lore.
- Playing BDO is a plus!
- Being a Content Creator is a plus!
- Good at keeping confidential Guild matters and strategies.
- Good Merit and active participation will be compounded into promotion of a guild Officer or Founder.

Mandatory Activities for each guild member:
- 3/3 Guild Quests for Our monthly Guild rush event.
- Elite Guild Rush Every Weekend
- Atumach Every Weekend

**- Any Guild interested having an Alliance or Merging with us kindly inquire on our guild website so we can discuss everything. **

- Bad Attitude, making alot of drama and spreading negativity will be ousted and exalted within the guild, might lead to a permanent ban depends on severity of the case.

**"Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat"**
**twitter page:**
**Apply to Our Guild Website:**

2023-03-27 07:01