Server: Asia / Guild: Soufflé
# 1

We are recruiting!!!


We are a community of active player now and are looking for other players or small guild to merge with us.

we have a community /family friendly discord and telegram to update each other on guild and game updates

Monthly In-Guild Activities to get to know ur guild members thru events!

Weekly Node War!
Some of our guild skill are max (Cannon, Elephant at lv25) and the core group of us are well versed in coordination in node war.

English speaking community and player based from various countries and cultures.

Here is our requirements:

- Minimum CP Requirements is 33.5k
- Able to attend Node War (any time), Atumach and Guild Events (Every sunday 10pm)
- Discord is needed for Voice Comms for guild event.

If interested, please join our guild discord server to speak to our officers or d4rkw0lfz#8144:


2022-05-12 02:10