Ramoness Core Recruiting
# 1

My Name is DarkMachine. I'm building a core 3 to 6 Ramoness team. I'm an official partner with Pearl Abyss. I am a sponsored whale, I also stream my gameplay at BlackDesertMobileWhale.com. A marketing campaign will be launching to get me over 5k subscribers. Whoever is in the team and streams with me you will share in the free packs PA gives me every month. 1000 Pearls, 4 All In One Pack of our choice.


Let me know, I'd like to become the best in Ramoness. If you want to do this and already have the CP great. I will be 30k CP very soon currently 2200 Boss Knowledge, will be buying 1,032,000 BRS with will give me 10k HBR. Pushing me to 30k, the next month I'll be doing the same to First Prophets Room.
PM me or email blackdesertdova@gmail.com


We have a weekly schedule to meet and play for 3 hours of Ramoness.

2021-11-21 07:52