Revolt Armada Guild Were Recruiting for Guild Founders and Members at Balenos Server
# 1

The House of Revolt Armada Guild were founded and organized for Adventurers who seeks Triumph & Glory in the world of Black Desert.  (Active Adventurers Casual & Competitive)
Kindly see the attached Guild Road map were all the guild's plan for the upcoming preparation for sieges and node wars. 
Our discord channel were strictly for Guild founders and members only. 
for anyone's interested within joining kindly add our twitetr page and check the message below. 


2021-10-16 01:05
# 2

We have prepared a Guild membership form for those who are keen within joining. To procure a from kindly add and message the admin of our twitter page and kindly inform also if you are applying for to be a guild founder or a guild member. 

The guild were in need of: 
5 guild founder lvl 60 and above (actively playing and can manage members effectively) 
Tons of Guild member (actively playing and participating within guild quests) 


2021-10-31 01:13