Server Delphe NGP
# 1
Server: [Delphe]
Language: English
Competitive Guild focused on Teamspirit actions
Guildname: NextGenPro

English speaking guild, with multiple nationalities.
Our main focus is to enjoy the content of this game, while playing Team-PVP (Nodes, Ramoness, etc.).

we can offer to you:
- Adult environment, but we have fun after all 😉
- Guild Boss (waiting for new season)
- node wars (we see guild wars as time wasting, because it brings nothing to earn)
- Sharing our knowledge, regarding how to evolve ingame, farm spots, and other tipps and tricks
- 4 times Black Sun per week
- Open for any suggestions

We expect from you:

- Attendance in node, black sun, and Guildboss
- activity on discord during Node War / BlackSun
- A decent measure of humour

Please DM me ingame: 刀丹乙丹工 or at discord: 刀丹乙丹工#3458
2021-02-27 09:02