Lost Hex enhanced luck stone And my team mate lost his hex critical sushi this morning
# 1

Hé apexcz I feel your pain
A couple days ago I got the same thing happened with my luckstone i accidently press the wrong button and it won’t restore my hex enhanced luck stone..🤬🤬
I whas so mad but the idiots off pa told me that they can’t do anything about it!!!!
My name is bruinsma1986 and I’m in heidel.
But what is even worser my team mate accidently did the same with his hex enhanced critical sushi😡😡😡.
And now he is so angry that he rage quit the game!!!
We are both spending players and this is the worst reaction ever of pa if you threat your players like this!!!! It’s embarrassing.

I hope there is some way to restore the stones
Because this is total bullshit

2020-10-06 06:07
# 2
PA the dirty dogs would jump at the chance back in tbe day to ban accounts who sold accessories to themselves via alt accounts for a meager black pearl advantage, but turn away those who are genuine and active players who spend real money. It would take one of them less than 10 minutes to check a single accounts activity log and make an adjustment for a genuine accident, but choose not to. Its not that they cant. They just wont.
2020-10-06 23:29
# 3
Thankfully I did not lose a alchemy stone I keep them locked until now time to upgrade them but I did lose World Boss scrolls and response was not good from the support, so screenshot everything before using it or doing anything to it, that way you have proof that you had it coz they will ignore existence of it. I won the scrolls on lucky shop but they said there is no record of it which is just funny since events have there own log always. I'm assuming they did not know that I know how it works so they try to BS there way out of it. This company does not deserve your hard earned money with that kind of attitude toward customers (players). This is one of the reason I never rush to spend money in a game, tend to wait and see what happens when I lose an item. Cheers!
2020-11-04 04:51
# 4
How can you complain to someone else about your own mistake and then act like they did something wrong lol
2021-07-08 17:26