PvP Fanatics <Majestic> DELPHE
# 1
PvP focused <Majestic> of the Delphe server
We are an English speaking multi-national guild aiming for the top, looking to fill the last few spots in our guild. Striving to be the best we can be in pvp, using our communication, teamwork, and other strategies to get there. While we are a competative guild, our main focus is to enjoy the content of this game, and what all of our members have in common is that we all enjoy the pvp-aspects that Black Desert Mobile has to offer.
What we can offer you:
- A friendly environment to enjoy the game in
- Several guild wars every week
- Siege war every Saturday
- Guild rushes
- Weekly node wars
- Weekly in-house pvp events
- Events in other games
- Top guild buffs
- Big pp energy
- Theorycrafting, strategising, sharing farm spots, and other tips and help
- Banter
- Help when you use guild call
- More Ramoness than you could possible want
What we want from you: - Combat power of at least 8000
- Attendence in node and siege wars
- Three daily completed guild quests
- Discord and means to listen (No microphone requirement)
- A decent measure of humor

2020-08-30 15:20