S0ns0f0din - recruiting active players
# 1

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are you looking for more from your current guild?

S0ns0f0din [Heidel server] recruiting active players [minimum level 58]


Competitive guild, required participation:

3 daily guild quests 

guild mileage quests, when assigned

guild boss rush [minimum 1x/week]


we expect daily play to continue to advance in the game

this is a guild that works together to build a strong team

discord chat, tips and tricks, etc. 

apply today: S0ns0f0din

2020-07-21 19:56
# 2

Great post!  Great guild!

2020-07-25 06:21
# 3

- Come join a great guild were we are active in game and on discord

-We regularly post helpful tips and ticks, do group missions from Guild Rushes to Ancient Ruins

-We need more members for big and better things to come so if you strive to be competive we are it

-If you are looking to be apart of something great other than just BDM come join and you'll be family in the S0ns0f0din


Guild Master Mandokia of S0ns0f0din

2020-07-27 10:50