[US (HEIDEL)] SANCTi Lvl. 8 Guild, No. 15, 5.5(+)k
# 1

SANCTi currently has a few openings and we are always looking for active, talented, & competitive players!

-Actives only, 3-Day AFK & Kick policy [If no notice is given.]

-Daily Guild Quests & Node Donations required. [Activity is tracked.]

-Mandatory Node Wars @ 19:00 Server Time (Sunday/Monday/Thursday/Friday (Note: We do have an #optout channel in our discord if you can't make it for whatever reason, so you do have an option in case life gets a bit hectic ;))

- All available Node Days, but we prefer Friday’s (and you must at least be open for that day.) with the possibility of multiple per week. [Absence without notice may result in being let go.]

-5.5k+ preferred, but we may make exceptions so don’t hesitate if you’re a little bit below this threshold.

-Guild Bosses + Elite(s) Friday @ 18:15 Server Time.

-Extra sensitive types need not apply, we are an adult-minded guild that jokes around and is not always PC. Fair warning. At the end of the day we’re all friends and teammates and can agree to disagree or not engage in content we find offensive. Because of this understanding we can still debate sensitive topics and shake hands when all is said and done. If you think you’d be a good fit or you have any questions, send a message to Divenire or Nabiator in game, or just come say hello in our Discord! https://discord.gg/nRhb5Fx When you hop in the server, you have to react to the rules in the rules channel, and pick a role by reacting to the message in the roles channel to be able to access the chats :)


GG and we hope to see you soon. ;)

2020-06-23 17:35