CP Not Apply in Arena/Ramones After Ascension..?
# 1
Warrior class here, before ascension sitting around 4030 CP, had been completing Arena matches and Ramones doing pretty well and holding my own. Completed Ascension and maxed mystical gear and weapons, CP jumps almost 300 and I can now down boss rushes that are 200-500 above me which at first is great.

However i get into the arena or Ramones and it’s like a toddler trying to rush the ball in the NFL and for 3 minutes I am railroaded being a great source of points for the other team while barely putting a scratch on them.

I am not the “I want I deserve” type that I have read complaint forums from, wondering if there is something wrong so I can hold off on the PvP areas of the game because at this point I’d do more damage blowing on my phone than what i do in game. I never liked PvP but I was starting to enjoy it. But going from an occasional MVP contender holding your own and now being a point source for the other team and my CP has supposedly increased almost 300 cp stronger and given super gladiator skills?

Had others not been experiencing this very issue i wouldn’t be here. I’m not here to complain or blame you all for being beat up in the games playground, just wondering if something is wrong? Something is different and I he only differences I’d Acension; please help.

2020-02-26 11:30