Fairy brooch enhancement
# 1
I have 69 trait points and it says I need 60 to enhance brooch but doesn’let me.
2023-06-08 03:26
# 2

Hello! I noticed that your max trait points are currently set at 30. From the screenshot you shared, I can see that some of your traits are at 16/30, which means 30 is the maximum limit for trait points. To increase your max trait points, all you need to do is blossom your Fairy. Each blossom will give you an additional 10 points. I believe the 69 points you mentioned may be the total points across all of your fairy traits, but that's not the correct way to determine the max trait points. By blossoming your fairy, you can reach a maximum of 60 trait points.

2023-06-15 15:18