My 800 akhram propechy 50% is gone
# 1
idk what happen, but i remember i have pristine black crystal for enhance is 5k+ and i use to enhance with advice scroll 50% ( i have 340+ and now is 34 after the enhance) and i check my pearl bag and my akharm 50% is gone, i do the setting chaos gear enhance on 1-5 with 50% advice scroll and 100% akhram at 6-7. can saw the problem here ?

can u fix it r8 know and sorry for this
2022-04-13 04:06
# 2

I think its best if you contact the Customer Support so they can track your inventory or game logs! 

2022-04-13 17:56
# 3

You will be consuming your Akhram Prophecy 50% first before you can consume your Advice of Valks 50%. You wouldn't have any option of choosing to consume your Advice of Valks 50% first. I suggest you keep track of your items when enhancing, this would also help you whether to continue enhancing or to stop and save some more materials in the meantime to avoid any CP loss.

2022-04-14 13:26