Is server lagging???
# 1
Is the server lagging out. Because nothing seems to be working on gladiator. Unless your oppent is doing actually nothing. Grabs not working right, oppents getting out in the process of getting picked up.
2022-03-31 17:53
# 2
Nope, Gladiator ist Just Trash charakter, that's why im changing him. On normal arena or karkea u dont have Chance, cuz dmg is so low for each skill that u do nothing. And there is mistic or gm Always with super armor. Only Thing that worked against them was grab, who Has now Like 50% fails, and when IT fails you are dead... Or shai who can heal instantly 1/3 HP WTF PA its joke xD I dont know what PA was thinking... Probably Not thinking at all. Cuz they Made weak Champion even more weak...
2022-04-03 05:54