Bug Skill In Arena of Karkea
# 1
Dear GM,
I found an error skill setting when i entered Arena of Karkea. I mean every skill have special option that we can switch it ON or OFF right? But, in Arena of Karkea it is always set ON although i have set it OFF.

For example my Lotus skill : "Blood Moon" that have special ability called "Focus". I dont want to activate it when i enter arena, and it works (set OFF) well in every arena except *Arena of Karkea*

Could you please fix it? It is really bother me, and for notice it isn't only Lotus but "Huntress" as well. And i think maybe the other class with special ability (ON or OFF) skill face the same problem like me.

Thanks for your attention.
2021-12-07 05:48
# 2
Is not a bug . U need to click in that icon looks like the one where u have skill sets to get flow like u have click once one that whem u are in match already ....

2021-12-07 12:35
# 3

You dont get it, see the picture. I have set the skill flow OFF, but when i enter Karkea that skill flow become ON.


Lotus Skill "Blood Moon" have flow called "Focus", when it set to ON we can't move while using skill. But i dont want to use it, so i set the flow OFF. 

If you have Lotus class, go then check it.

2021-12-07 17:41