Please noticed and read (PA's & Dev's)
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Hello good day! I just noticed some issue's in the new skill of titan and with the appear and disappearing of the weapon when im in town.
For the issue in the new skill of titan (therianthropy), is it normal or a bug when the skill is activated the HP potion also activate? Like it is consume though ur hp is not getting low. I read the skill description and also in the patch notes but there is nothing there saying that the HP potion will be used corresponding with the activation of the skill. And i've been thinking that its like a bug.
And for the weapon that appearing and disappearing when in town. I set my settings that hide weapon when in town. And i just noticed that the settings is kinda bug not like before the new patch got released. It will appear and disappear and just in a seconds gap. Especially when i move then stop it will be like that. Please fix the appearance and the skill if it is bug PA's & Dev's. And thank you if this post will get noticed.
2021-08-29 21:12
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