Unfairness in game experience
# 1
It is super unfair that the 18k cp and up are getting shamans orbs and us 10k cp people cant get it at all its bull crap in a chefs salad i really want thisto be changed also i want pvp off forthe shamans orbs cause thsts what outlaw mode is for so yea can you please change thisand make a bettebetter game experiance for other people
2021-05-07 23:00
# 2
Join Battle of the Suns and earn 300 medals and exchange it for orbs. lol, lazy people, really.
2021-05-08 01:04
# 3
What are Shaman Orbs and are they THAT Important?
2021-05-08 02:52
# 4
So let me get this straight ... you want a participation trophy because you haven't reached end game but want end game loot.... there are multiple ways to get the orbs the most obvious way is to farm the frontline zone, you can also get 300 medals from bots (battle of the sun) or you can watch th3 market for one... this game isnt elementary school sport you don't get participation trophies just because you played the game.
2021-05-08 05:58