App Force Close in Great Desert
# 1
the update is supposed to atleast improve it a bit but it seems it gotten worst..l were missing out so much stuff because of this, and what do we get? 2k Fragments in the mail :/ FML
2021-01-05 09:23
# 2
Me too. IOS user here
2021-01-05 18:06
# 3
Yes it became even worse... this is a major major bug making it for a lot of people impossible to play a big part of the game and loose out on a lot of necessary stuff to increase cp like hadum runes, not to mention loss of water every time game crashes. Also with the shrine crashes happen a lot when not fast enough on location. That this major bug is still not fixed after releasing grand desert is just pa pissing on a lot of players... they should instead force close the whole damn game untill this problem is fixed! And come up with a compensation for all the time and resources lost aswell as the frustration they achieved.
2021-01-06 00:35
# 4

Yes, it happens to me too. Android user here, vivo Y11. I hope this gets noticed and might be solved.

2021-01-06 03:59
# 5
a lot of people have this problem. The PA does nothing. I have reported but they cannot fix it. and it is not known when.
2021-01-06 06:21