Forced name change with new class release (Nova)
# 1

I need someone with a brain to look at my support ticket and not get a generic reply. You guys said you were going to be better at listening to your audience, but my support ticket reply begs to differ.


The short of it: When the game launched, I created my family name as Nova and was not in violation of the naming policy then and for over a year now. Yesterdays patch, with your new class being named Nova, suddenly I'm in violation of this policy and got a forced family name change. Instead of giving me a free Family Name change and apologizing, I basically get told to go f' myself. Am I supposed to see into the future?


Support Inquiry #81743.


Please follow up and make this right. I did not violate the naming policy when I made my account a year ago at launch. You are the ones who made me in violation. 


(Yes, my first support ticket is pretty angry, please understand that I was absolutely furious at getting forced into a name change. I'm still pretty pissed about it.)

2020-12-16 09:20
# 2

New request number 82025


Since the reply to the last one still says "registering". Almost like I'm blocked from sending support requests? It's been 24 hours since then and it's still registering...

2020-12-17 10:33