A sudden rollback of my skill level
# 1
From raven i change to reaper . The level of my skill is level 5 but then when i change back again from reaper to raven, now my skill is just level 4. Its stated in exchange coupon that the skill level is 1:1 so how possible that the level of my skill decrease?

I dont have a screenshot of my level of skill before.
2020-11-04 07:22
# 2
Weed 😳😳😳

All I can't tell you isssssss ....... They don't reply in this form. It's only for announcements and maintenance schedule nothing much.
See how many players are crying over hackers here and some skills don't work and the unbalanced skills and classes so don't rise you hope to get ur problem solved.

Some guy mistakenly clicked the wrong click and lost his hex stone and they ignore him totally until he quit the game 😡😡

2020-11-05 01:04