Please fix Karanda World boss for Huntress
# 1
I’m not sure if this is happening for any other ranged class’, though it seems that as a huntress I need to continuously move my character to the center, on top of Karanda in order to deal damage. If my character is on the outside of the nests that encircle Karanda, my skills seem to just pummel into the nests and never actually hit the boss. I tested this at the end of a boss spawn window as the only player fighting her and she took no damage when my huntress was along the far outer ring. Please fix, thank you!
2020-10-16 13:20
# 2
I suspected that too when I play with my huntress I get lvl 2 reward or one most of times but now when I play as Lupa I get lvl three and four. They need to fix this
2020-10-19 20:29