Will we ever get an official fix for FPS drop?
# 1

This isn't an hardware issue as it happens on my pc using android emulator (doesnt matter which) it also happens on my iPad Pro 2020 . Basically the game can't keep a constant good FPS , it will eventually drops and come back and this is regardless of heating . I believe it's the heat management API that was implemented a few months after the Korean release that is not working as intended . By the way the Korean version as the same issue ! So basically when the game first launched in Korea there wasn't a built in game modifier when the devide got hotter so they made it that the graphical settings would automatically decrease as the device gets hot and the settings would go back to normal once cooled down but now regardless of the device temps it seems that we're still loosing performance . It's been an ongoing issue for a long time and I wish there was someone at PA to st least give us some imput about it .

2020-07-31 12:26