Ranger/Huntress Descending Current Bug
# 1

Not sure if this has been mentioned previously but I've been having trouble consistently using Descending Current at Bashim Canyon and Waragon Nest when I'm using auto-attack. Every once in a while, she will use the skill and aim completely off the edge of the map where no mobs are present. The exact location doesn't matter--I've observed the same behavior at multiple farming spots within each map and I'd expect that it would occur on pretty much any map. It seems to be a recent development that's popped up somewhere in the last two or three patches. I've tried on both my iPhone and iPad and observe exactly the same behavior. If I'm in a relatively contested area, missing an AoE skill like that really slows my farming speed down. Just something that you might want to look into. Thanks!

2020-06-29 04:19