How do you do a tournament for RAMONESS while there is this BUG where everyone in this game using i
# 1
As I wrote above...... Is this really fair ? Not talking about the paladin who suddenly got strong or got many stunning skills I don't know exactly what's wrong with this game first most of the players started playing with paladin and now this bug in the RAMONESS arena where thery grab u then they throw you from the arena and now they is a tournament where they can use the big more efficiency....
This is not the first time I just waited for a whole week to fix this bug but until now nobody care the keep doing the same thing in every f***king match.
Is not that I can't use this bug or make a paladin character to win everywhere.

People who are suffering from this bug or feel the something wrong with paladin share it here to show it to everyone and do maintenance for it
2020-06-10 10:04