Unfair Distribution of Field of Valor Loots
# 1

Dear BDM,


Everytime I'm the highest level or highest CP in the party during Field of Valor, I always get an unfairly small amount of loot as compared to my team mates.


Can you fix this please. See below snapshots.

2020-05-22 19:50
# 2

I've found that this not a bug.


It happens because they applied the 300% Hot Time buff from the 3 scrolls sent to you daily from Striker Hot Time Event, which grants 300% more loot quantity. This stacks with combat and advanced combat buffs, goblin altar buff as well as pet skill effects. I'm getting >300% drop rate typically.

2020-05-23 04:56
# 3

The others probably used their 300% hotline scrolls and you don't.

2020-05-23 04:56