[Normal Soup] [Advanced Sou] [XP] Incorrect xp boost granted for players using Chicken Soups
# 1

Hello BDM community. 


I have tested the soup gains and i am here to report my findings. Using a character level 64, warrior at 4306 CP and fighting Elric Priests in Elric Shrine at the steps area where exactly one pack spawns and its enclosed so the character does not wonder around, while having a base Combat XP of +44.12% + 10% from Statue i had the following results :


30min farm -> 54.12% combat xp -> xp gain was 0.8 % (from 12.1 to 12.9) while in normal view mode (not sleeping or black spirit mode)

30min farm -> 104.12% combat xp (using a normal chicken soup) -> xp gain was 0.9 (from 12.9 to 13.8) while in normal view mode

30min farm -> 154.12 combat xp (using a normal and advanced chicken soup) -> xp gain was 1.0 (from 13.8 to 14.8) while in normal view mode


The results show that using a soup will not grant the user 50 % more combat xp.


Please fix this as it involves the use of cash shop mechanics and involves sale of improper labeled items.

2020-04-01 08:35