Outfits...too rare, dont hide!
# 1

Our character changes moods just like the real us, we love our character and your engine is the best in class, period. So, WHY DOES IT TAKE SO MUCH MONEY AND EFFORT TO GET OUTFIT CHANGES??? If you want us addicted we are, but I'm level 4300 FP and I have yet to see one outfit drop, coupon change, nothing, all my pearls have to go to chicken soup because of mechanics.


I just want to have some breakup from the grind with more prevalent outfits, make them craftable by level 20. People will stay interested and spend more if they are more connected to their online persona. Something to please consider, maybe not as important in Asia but in America all your have to do is watch one COSPLAY event at PAX to understand why I am suggesting this. SHOW OFF YOUR ENGINE IT IS AMAZING.


its not all about fishing...we get it, y'all love your fishing...I could fish more if I had something do like experimenting with outfit changes while I watch my line. :D


Show off your amaZingly talented artists, make more clothes, they don't have to be slotted buffable (although thats not a bad idea for our own camp!) 

2020-02-26 02:03