Warrior Skills/Ascension
# 1

Please bring back the Ahib branch damage for ground smash instead of serrett, nobody wants serrett for warriors. Also please bring back some of the skills like throwing spears. We use that skill so much so I don't understand why you have to remove it. I hope you listen to this feedback and thanks in advance! I love this game and please keep up the good work!

2020-02-25 19:30
# 2
With my warrior i got top 100 arena! Now with this pve Gladiator,enemys destroy me! No chance to fight vs ranged skills! I lose it 3 of verry important skills pvp! I belive Gladiator was make it from warriors hater! I want my warriors skills back or i leave game for real! RIP arena Gladiator! From top player to down!
2020-02-26 12:24
# 3

Anybody notice that we can't cc rangers anymore TT. And also why don't we have any super armor on any of our skills. But Paladin has a lot of super armor on most of her skills. We are pure melee and have no super armor in PVP nor any good CC skill.

2020-02-26 17:55
# 4

I am with you guys. 

It is frustrating. No chance to compete in Arena. In field it is okayish but still way behind the other classes. 
I do not get it. I am sitting on Rank 75 on Velia CP ranking and I love my Warrior do not plan to reroll because there is not even a exchange coupon for nothing. Guy please adress the above written issues it is real. 

In addition even if I have 4458 cp I get kicked from most of the Ramoness lobbies and I can understand this from the perpestive of the other players but come one that could not be intended. 

It is the same in BDO for years "punish the Warrior" why you repeat this with BDM??

2020-02-26 22:52