Event Rewards for Active Players
# 1
You should have rewards for higher achivments in events.. for example at Dice event I for one am at lap 430..but some of my guildies are even further.. so we should have rewards for those who play it, if not it becomes boring and usless to do it after max rewards
Every event should have decent rewards for casual players but also top rewards for the ones that put the effort and time into it
2020-01-26 00:04
# 2
Estoy totalmente de acuerdo porque ya di la 100 vueltas de los dados y ahora me sobran 1400 dados más xd , más allá de las recompensas que me da por caer en una casilla debería tener una mejor recompensa por ejemplo al llegar a las 400 vueltas o algo así, ya que este juego tiene muchas recompensas para las personas que usan dinero pero no tiene recompensas para todos los que somos muy activos y jugamos 24/7
2020-01-26 08:19
# 3
470 rounds on dice event for abosolutly nothing also seems rare items ratio decreases because of that dice fragments. Also Other events with same mecànics at same time, plus peope saying " Hey I need more time to finish that event ... Omg commeo...
That Game its getting very very boring at a Max speed a Game can do that. I have no more Hope in that Game u throwed It all u dont think in people that plays a long and active time there u dont care a piece about them, you are not able to feel like them and I feel really Sorry for that Game, programers. You break its Magic so much fast... anyway I dont care about It always the same un every game... maybe its an old school programers genration, Maybe its this, that an other genration have to come to make games properly for new generarions and make them with a lot of sence and feelings, and not just the pearl2win one... U think 1'5k Milions of money u maked with It Its because of only your work? Really? time to time. People Will stop trusting all of you very soon, and doesnt matter then whar you Will do, beause you wasted It alrigth ... Another Game that bites the dust. Wel nevermind keep doing It Iam no one to say nothing to anybody but just i wnna say I dont have posibilty to make a good Game, and Maybe you more posibilities than me.
2020-01-26 12:40