Insane failing rate on Upgrades, It destroy any lust to play this game
# 1


Im experinced player (and sw developper), I play this sort of games, almost for 30 years now.

I like many aspects of this game, 


Upgrade fail rate is just ridiculous. Weeks of farming, destroyed by  continuous upgrade fail!

One blue ring, failed on level 7-8 10 times in row!. What will happen on epic upgrade? I will have to sell my house to upgrade it?
All my silver gone. It has no sense..... I liked game, but this is no way. 
In whole time i play, no one forced upgrade succeed, I got even Tittle aaaaaaargh, as mean happy failing my dude,..... 
Game have to be for fun, but this is not fun. It is just time loosing.
Make some sort of fails max count. Or give higher cost of upgrade, but make it sure, so i know how much time i need to spend, random rate on this , has nothing to do with ability to play, and it convince me not to spend money, i was there deciding, how much to spend , but now, i will not spend any more, i will not loose my reak money in fortune, and even programed in wrong way.
2020-01-21 23:22
# 2

Hope they increase the drop rate/enchance success rate by at least 1 percent.

2020-01-22 04:03
# 3
Doing force enhancements or just not being patient enough to get 100% on normal enhancement?
2020-01-22 19:07
# 4

On items i wait till 100%, thats not a problem.

Forced enhancment, never see it succeed, every time, fail, from time i start play.

Accessories are problem, now im stuck on blue necklace, from level 7 to 8 it fais in row 15 times, i  pay 3.5 milion silver to recover rank 7, 15 times,... and lost 160 black perals to buy necks in market.

it just have no sense, what will happen with epic items?


2020-01-23 22:56