Reduce withdrawal penalty from events with short window of participation
# 1
It's reasonable to punish player for withdrawal or desertion of a battle, like in Battlefield of the Sun and Eilton Defense, but punishing them with a 30-minutes penalty is ridiculous, since the game itself isn't built with a PROPER DISCONNECTION RECOVERY. When a participant is disconnected, just kick them out to the lobby, so they can fix their connection and re-enter the battle, instead of trapping them in a weird position of void, which forces them to force close the game and restarting the client. You're like a bad teacher who wants to be understood when you're late, but kicks you students out of the school for the day if they're late.
And also, can you make a system that doesn't require people to tap "reconnect" to reconnect, which can reconnect by itself automaticlly, like every other app/game in the world? It's 2023, in chase you didn't know.
2023-09-24 07:24