Patrigio delivery point per week is too high
# 1
if you see the activity on bdm right now, roughly :

1. 10 percent for doing event, like bots, black sun, arena, world boss etc

2. 20 percent for farming, in chaos, everfrost or desert

3. 70 percent for fishing, why? just to get to max point for patrigio delivery

I don't think this is an ideal activity for Black Desert Mobile
2023-09-08 07:46
# 2
It’s not too high. It’s there to reward the players who do life skills with useful rewards for their time. If you can’t get max reward, then you don’t deserve max reward, that’s why there are different levels of rewards. You also don’t need to fish, at all, to get max every week. You can craft stamina pots, and gather. …if you don’t think the rewards are worth the time, then don’t do it. …you should be bitching about the cooking and manufacturing turn ins, lol. Those are insanely hard to max and not worth it, in any way. Just top 15 players for the special crafts.
2023-10-13 09:55