Horse inventory
# 1

How about combining LT of your character with you’re horse LT?


Or maybe make it like:

Horse Tier 1 gives you 20% boost to LT

Horse Tier 2 gives you 30% boost to LT

Horse Tier 3 gives you 50% boost to LT

Horse Tier 4 gives you 70% boost to LT

Horse Tier 5 gives you 100% boost to LT


Or maybe just delete it as it just seems utterly pointless to have horse storage which requires to manually move items, a specially in game where you auto play like +90% of the time.

2019-12-30 22:40
# 2
Speak for yourself, my T5 is loaded up with 3100 lt worth of potions.
2019-12-30 23:05
# 3

So you can go back to town only to sell junk, not to sell junk and buy potions. Usually I run out of space faster than out of potions.

2019-12-31 10:02